How to Choose the Right Massage

Selecting the right massage treatment is crucial as it ensures that you receive personalized care tailored to your specific needs. By choosing the right treatment, you can maximize the benefits of your massage experience and address any physical or emotional concerns effectively.

What is the difference between deep tissue massage and Swedish massage?

Swedish massage is a gentle, relaxing massage focused on promoting blood circulation and relaxation. Deep tissue massage uses stronger pressure, targeting deep muscles and connective tissue to address chronic muscle tension and pain.

Which massage pressure should I choose?

It depends entirely on your personal preference and needs. Some people prefer a gentle massage, while others prefer a deep tissue massage. Please communicate your preferences with your massage therapist before the massage begins.

Can I choose my massage therapist?

Of course! If you have a preference for a specific massage therapist or a therapist of a specific gender, you can specify this while booking your appointment.

Preparing for Your Massage


Can I eat or drink before my massage?

It is recommended to avoid a heavy meal 2 hours before a massage to prevent discomfort. While it is fine to hydrate before your massage, try not drink so much that you must use the bathroom during your session. However, it is advisable to drink plenty of water after a massage.

Can I have a massage if I am pregnant?

Yes, particularly in the last three months of pregnancy. Prenatal massage is specially designed for pregnant women, focusing on relieving back and leg pain. Please make sure to inform your massage therapist that you are pregnant, so they can provide you with the safest and most comfortable experience.

I have skin problems/sensitivity, can I still have a massage?

Yes, but please inform us of any skin issues when booking. We will use products that are suitable for your skin. If you have specific skin conditions, it’s best to consult a doctor first.

Common Physical Reactions to Massage

Will I feel pain or soreness after a massage?

Massage can stimulate or stretch some muscles that are not commonly used, causing mild soreness. Usually, this pain subsides within 24-48 hours. If the pain persists or worsens, please contact us or a doctor promptly.

Why do I feel sleepy or want to nap during a massage?

Feeling sleepy during a massage is common. Massages relax your body and mind, inducing a state of calm that can make you drowsy.

What is Sha?

Sha is the appearance of purplish-red spots or light bruising on the skin caused by certain Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments, such as cupping and Gua Sha. It is perfectly normal to experience Sha as a result of certain treatments, although not everyone will experience it. Sha will fade naturally within a few days.