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Conveniently nestled in Manhattan’s Upper West Side, NY Renewing Spa 2 carries forward the esteemed legacy of Renew Day Spa. Renowned for its commitment to affordability and unwavering excellence, NY Renewing Spa 2 offers the same outstanding range of massage therapies, including full-body massages and foot reflexology. Whether you’re a local or visiting the area, NY Renewing Spa 2 provides a tranquil haven where relaxation and revitalization are within reach. With skilled therapists and a serene atmosphere, NY Renewing Spa 2 invites you to discover the same exceptional and budget-friendly oasis in the heart of the Upper West Side, ensuring you depart feeling thoroughly renewed and refreshed.

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Body Work (60 minutes)


Body & Foot Combo (60 minutes)

30 minutes Body + 30 minutes Foot


Foot Rub (60 minutes)


Body Work

Bodywork involves the skilled application of pressure and manipulation techniques to specific points on the body, promoting relaxation, improving circulation, and relieving physical discomfort. Our signature bodywork treatment includes a full-body massage with massage oil and hot stones. Our massage therapists will ensure your massage is the correct pressure for you.

Aromatherapy with Hot Stone (90 mins)


Aromatherapy with Hot Stone (60 mins)


CBD Oil Massage with Hot Stone (90mins)


CBD Oil Massage with Hot Stone (60mins)


Body Work (60 mins) + Foot Rub (15mins)


Body Work (60 mins) + Foot Rub (30 mins)


Body Work (90 mins)


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Foot Reflexology

A foot massage is a therapeutic practice that involves the skilled manipulation of pressure points and muscles in the feet. Our signature foot massage treatment includes hot stones, massage oil, and a therapeutic foot soak.

60 Mins


45 Mins


30 Mins


20 Mins


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Client Testimonials

Aminah I.

This business was very accommodating. The massage was peaceful and very pleasing. I enjoy pressure and the masseuse made sure to apply it. The atmosphere was soft and pleasant. All great things to say about this place. The hot stones are a must!! Come here and enjoy yourself!

Joanne U.

Honestly one of my best massage experience here in NYC. It was so good that exactly 24 hours after, I decided to go for another 90 mins massage, this time with my husband for a Couples massage where we tried CBD oil. We loved it and planning to make this a biweekly date!

Luis G.

From all the places I have gone for a massage, this is the best so far. The staff was amiable and the massage experience was amazing! Not like this other places that they just want to get rid of you as soon as you are on the massage table. We are coming back more often to this place.

Cinthia R.

Bought a hot stone couples massage. Loved the quiet atmosphere. Very calming. Staff wore masks. The two women that massaged us were excellent and very respectful/professional! My masseuse must have noticed I carried tension in my neck/shoulders and paid extra attention there.